Sapna NYC’s Tiffin Project brings culturally appropriate meals to India Home

We are collaborating with a sister organization, Sapna NYC, on the Tiffin Project. The project is named after the “Tiffin,”  a stainless-steel three-tiered utensil that is used to transport lunch in South Asia. In the city of Mumbai for instance, home cooked meals are delivered to workers in offices and factories by an army of delivery men or “Tiffin Walas” on bicycles, rickshaws and motorbikes.

The Tiffin Project, helmed by Michelin-starred, Chef Surbhi Sahni, brings the familiar tastes of a home-cooked meal to our elders. On Thursdays, the congregate meal we serve at our Queens Community House program in Kew Gardens is a healthy, culturally appropriate 6-item vegetarian lunch from Sapna NYC.

The Tiffin Project also helps in the “economic empowerment of low income South Asian women,”  who lack “job seeking skills, work experience and English language proficiency, ” according to Sapna NYC.


India Home collaborates with Sapna NYC to help underserved women bring culturally appropriate meals to our elders

As Sapna NYC says on its website: “Tiffin” trainees will receive a special ESL class, financial literacy training, resume writing, and life skills training. Each trainee will open a savings account and begin saving. Each trainee will have an opportunity to work in the industrial Hot Bread Kitchen for up to 12 hours per week, at a salary of $12/hour. It is expected that the life skills, ESOL, and commercial cooking experience will provide a bridge to entering the formal job market.”